Arizona is a perfect place to make home

I have three reasons why Winslow, Arizona is a perfect place to make home: number one being the many things to do in this lovely town, two being the people, and three being the schools. I hope this essay will convince you to check out beautiful Winslow, Arizona.

     Winslow is a relatively small town. To me a small town is perfect to live in. You know everything there is to do in a small town. Winslow has a small lake about five miles out. This lake also becomes a canyon, which is a beautiful place to swim and hang out during the summer. The cliffs range from five to forty feet high. They are very fun to jump off. We have a single screen movie theatre, which is fun for the whole family. Winslow also has the Little Painted Desert and the Homolovi Ruins, both wonderful places to visit with the family.

     Winslow has wonderful people. Living in a small town lets you get to know most everyone. The people around here are supportive in what the town is trying to do. They are supportive to our athletic programs.

     Our school system isn’t bad either. Our high school is very good at getting students ready for college. Winslow High Schools athletic programs are one of the best in the state, with all, but two, of our sports making the state playoffs. Our football team just finished a 12-2 record, losing in the championship game. When our teams go to playoff games, our town is practically empty. It’s awesome.

Please consider Winslow, Arizona! It’s a beautiful place to live!

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