Arizona is known for it‘s beautiful scenery

Arizona is known for it‘s beautiful scenery , such as the Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon and the stunning desert. Arizona is also known for the weather during all four seasons, even though Arizona doesn’t really have a winter. 

Vail, Arizona is just one of the many places that bring beauty and amazement to Arizona. Vail is located on the outskirts of Tucson just off the I-10 exit. Slowly, Vail has been growing into more that just a town. Even though Vail is growing tremendously, people are still very attracted to its beauty. Vail not only has great weather, but it is pretty much secluded from the outside world, which makes it even more beautiful. The wide open space of flowing cactus and desert animals makes one sit and watch the beautiful Arizona sunset, while listening to the Cactus Wren make its final chirps for the evening.

     The Grand Canyon State has natural beauty, from the wildlife down to the monsoon season. Arizona is a beautiful place, it’s not the second growing state in the country for nothing. People love Arizona, whether it is for the beautiful scenery, the graceful deserts, or just the National Parks. Vail happens to be a part of beautiful Arizona, and is my hometown. Arizona is my home, and I wouldn’t want to be any other place. 

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