When one thinks of Arizona

When one thinks of Arizona, they see miles of barren land strewn with cacti and an occasional bush. They also feel oppressive heat, see rattlesnakes, and scorpions. However, those who live in the state know that Arizona has much more to offer. There are rivers to tube down, excellent campgrounds, and great skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the north. Superior is my hometown. 

Previously a mining town, Superior has a tiny population with a lot of heart. The people are dedicated to Superior’s preservation, and hold the town’s well being close to their hearts. Like an episode of Cheers, everybody knows your name. The same people crowd into our local Circle K at the same time every morning and there is always a group of older gentlemen sharing stories on the front benches. The employees of Save Money Market, our local grocery store, know their customers by name, and often take an interest into our everyday lives. 

Along with the mining history, Superior is a big motion picture town. Some recent movies made in the town are Eight Legged Freaks (2002), and The Prophecy (1995). I live next to the Boyce Thompson house, which housed a scene from Jennifer Lopez’s U Turn (1997). If one were to conduct a survey of townspeople, they would discover that most have watched these movies to try and pick out the locations they recognize. I too am guilty of this offense. 

As you can see, Superior is a wonderful town with wonderful people. They are kind and giving, and have a pride in their town that only rural areas can exhibit. As one travels down Main Street, they will see the relaxed atmosphere that the town displays. When stopping to admire the Magma Hotel, or the old high school, they will be notified of the numerous ghost stories and memories of the people that have long loved and cherished the internal splendor of Superior, Arizona. 

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